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Training a dog in obedience is much more than merely teaching your dog a few tricks that you can impress your friends with. However, there is nothing more impressive than a well-behaved obedient dog. When dealing with behavioural problems most of the time the behaviour can be corrected with some form of obedience. If you must use a piece of food to get your dog to do anything, he is simply amusing you for the food. If you look up obedience in the dictionary you will find that it is defined as, "The willingness to follow". This would imply someone is the leader. Dogs are pack animals by nature and have a natural instinct to rise up to the highest level in the pack that they can. They do not seek equality nor want it. In the dog world it’s, "Lead or be led". Who is the leader in your pack? First you must put yourself in the driver's seat. Second you must develop the willingness in your dog to follow you as the leader. No one wants a dog that does obedience because he feels he must or else. You want your dog to do his obedience with an enthusiastic, willing attitude. At Canadian Canine we use real life methods of training that have proven time after time to get the best and quickest results. 

This is done by understanding the nature of a dog and using the dog’s natural drives

and instincts in an effort to achieve these specific goals:


Getting the dog's attention is imperative. It is impossible to teach anyone anything if they are not paying attention.


The dog must know the meaning of the commands once you have the dog's attention, you can condition the dog to associate a certain action with a command or hand signal in order to earn rewards.


It is also imperative that the dog looks up to you as the leader of the pack with love and respect and when given a command, simply follows without hesitation.

To have a good obedient pet you must achieve all three of these goals to be successful. In the training you receive here at the Academy you will learn how to develop a fantastic relationship with your dog by learning to be the leader rather than allowing your dog to lead you.

Wouldn't it be nice to have your dog walk on a loose leash all the time no matter what? Have your dog lie down and stay during supper when you have your friends over? Know your dog will come to you when you call him regardless of what he is doing? These are only some of the things you will learn at Canadian Canine.

Our Training

Basic Obedience Classes

  • Heeling on a loose leash
  • Sit from heel
  • Long sit stay
  • Long down stay
  • Sit from the down
  • Stand Stay
  • Sit from the stand
  • Recall (Come command)
  • Finish (Return to heel)
  • Watch (Focus command)
  • Free (Release command)

Advanced Obedience

  • All basic obedience (Off Leash)
  • Sit in motion (Dog sits, you don’t stop)
  • Down in motion (Dog drops, you don’t stop)
  • Stand in motion(Dog stands, you don’t stop)
  • Remote Down (Dog downs from a distance)
  • Remote Sit (Dog sits up from a distance)
  • Drop on recall (Dog drops from a run)
  • Long sit (Handler out of sight)
  • Long down (Handler out of sight)  

Private Lessons

At the Academy we provide Private training. This is, by far, the best way to learn how to train your dog. Having your own private coach to teach you and make necessary modifications to your training will ensure you get the results you want. The two main advantages with private lessons are: we can concentrate the entire lesson on you and your dog, customizing the training to meet your needs and the other is that we can schedule your lessons during the day or evening. You also have more flexibility with your training schedule so if you need to re-book a lesson for any reason, we can do that, and you won't miss a thing.

Duration: The lessons run for 30-40 minutes and are scheduled once per week. The course consists of eight one-on-one lessons.

Cost: To be determined based on the nature of your dog's behaviour and how much work needs to be done to correct the problems.

Location: Training takes place at 215 Menten Place, Suite 106, Bells Corners (west end Ottawa).

Motivation: Treats are not used as rewards for obedience. Remember we are training your dog to be obedient not training him to do a few tricks. This is done by teaching you to be the leader of your pack and to motivate your dog with lots of praise for a job well done and lots of fun and play. You will then have become your dog’s reward.

Prerequisites: The only prerequisite for this course is that your dog has completed the training evaluation to determine the cause of your dog’s behaviour and what you must learn to train your dog to suit your needs.

For more information, please call the office at 613-276-3647 or send an email to admin@canadiancanine.com. To schedule an evaluation appointment, please click on "Free Evaluation" to complete a web evaluation form, and you will be contacted soon to schedule an appointment.

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Head Trainer and President:

Mr. Randy Chartrand