What our clients are saying....

"I enrolled in private lessons with my 2 year old dog who would snap, bark constantly, pull on the leash when walking, and overall cause mischief. This was such a wonderful experience working with Randy. He worked with me to develop skills and confidence as a handler and with my dog to build his confidence and understanding. This training has exceeded my expectations and led to not only a better behaved dog but also a better relationship between my dog and I. I 10/10 recommend Canadian Canine Training Academy!!"


I would highly recommend Randy at Canadian Canine Training Academy! If you are having trouble with a stubborn, reactive dog, you will not regret your decision. Our 11 month old GSD was super reactive when on leash with other dogs, resource guarded, snapped at my nephew, and was overall just hard to handle. After training with Randy, she is a completely different dog. She is still a work in progress and has some things to work on, however I am confident that with continued training using the methods Randy taught us, she will continue to drastically improve. In one class, our GSD was walking loose leash beside us (whereas before she was constantly pulling).

Overall, the 8-week obedience class is worth every penny. If you are on the fence, I promise you that you will not regret it.


"Working with Randy was an absolute pleasure. Before signing up with Randy we looked at many trainers and classes for our pup Marvin. The moment he took the leash we knew we made the right choice. You could tell Randy has knowledge and experience, plus a true passion for what he does.

He has helped us get to a place where we could truly enjoy spending time with our dog and not worry what he will do next.

Thank you Randy!!! 10/10 would recommend"


Ottawa's BEST dog training facility!

Ottawa's BEST dog training facility!

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Head Trainer and President:

Mr. Randy Chartrand